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Additional Yugabyte staging prerequisites for ingestion using backups

The backup can exist on the staging server or can be accessed over NFS.

For performing a backup operation via script, you can execute the following command:

python3 --masters --remote_yb_admin_binary /home/yugabyte/yugabyte- --remote_ysql_dump_binary /home/yugabyte/yugabyte- --remote_ysql_shell_binary /home/yugabyte/yugabyte- --ssh_user yugabyte --ssh_port 22 --ssh_key_path /home/yugabyte/.ssh/id_rsa --storage_type nfs --nfs_storage_path /home/yugabyte/database --backup_location /home/yugabyte/backup --no_auto_name --keyspace ysql.yb_demo create

Script arguments: 

  • masters: comma (“,”) separated list of <ip>:<port> for master servers of the production database

  • remote_yb_admin_binary: yb_admin binary path on the master server

  • remote_ysql_dump_binary: ysql_dump binary path on the master server

  • remote_ysql_shell_binary: ysqlsh binary path on the master server

  • ssh_user: OS user used to ssh into a remote host

  • ssh_port: ssh port enabled on the remote host

  • ssh_key_path: ssh keypair with a path on the remote host

  • storage_type: use nfs to take backup on NFS location

  • nfs_storage_path: NFS storage mount path

  • backup_location: Location where backup is to be taken

  • no_auto_name: Disable the automatic generation of a name under the given backup location.

  • keyspace: Repeatable keyspace of the tables to backup or a target keyspace for the backup restoring.

 This command reaches the production master server at and takes backup at location /home/yugabyte/backup. The database backed up is yb_demo.

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