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Automatic VDB restart on target server after reboot

The Continuous Data Engine now automatically detects whether a target server has been rebooted, and proactively restarts any VDB on that server that was previously up and running. This happens independent of the VDB dataset; it is done as if a target server was restarted and a start command was issued from the Delphix Engine. This feature is compatible with Delphix Self-Service (Jet Stream) ordering dependencies and is limited to non-clustered VDBs.

This feature is not supported for the following data source types:

  • Oracle RAC VDBs

  • Oracle 12.1 and older vPDBs that are provisioned into a non-virtual CDB.

  • MSSQL cluster VDBs.

Automatic VDB Restart is supported for following Oracle data sources types:

  • Non-Multi-Tenant (non-MT) VDBs

  • Oracle 12c and later, vPDBs that are provisioned into a virtual CDB. 

    • For Oracle, users can choose to enable or disable automatic restart at the virtual CDB level. There is no individual vPDB automatic restart setting.

    • For Oracle and later versions, users can choose to enable or disable automatic restart for a virtual CDB or a virtual PDB.

  • Oracle 12.2 and later vPDBs that are provisioned into a non-virtual CDB. Users can choose to enable or disable individual vPDB’s automatic restart.

Please note, the scheduler checks every one minute if any VDB needs to be restarted. The Delphix Engine waits for five minutes after it detects a host has restarted before trying to restart VDBs. The engine will keep trying to restart the VDB for 30 minutes before giving up.

To enable automatic restart, complete the following steps:

  1. When provisioning a new VDB in the VDB Provisioning wizard, check the Auto VDB Restart box.

  2. Once the VDB has been provisioned, you will be able to turn Automatic VDB Restart on.

    1. In the Datasets panel, select the VDB.

    2. Select the Configuration tab.

    3. Select Source sub-tab.

    4. Select Database edit.

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