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CLI Cookbook: VDB status

It is possible to get a virtual database (VDB) status from the CLI.

  1. Log into the CLI as any user that has privileges on the VDB.

    ssh admin@yourengine
  2. From source go to the VDB you want to get a status on.

    delphix > sourcedelphix source > lsdelphix source > select <yourvdb>
  3. Run the get runtime command to see all information or just get runtime.status for if the VDB is running.

    delphix source 'vdb' > get runtime


    delphix source 'vdb' > get runtime.status
  4. If you would like to see more than one VDBs status you can also do the following:

    delphix > sourcedelphix source > list display=name,runtime.status
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