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Configuring a Delphix self-service data template for EBS

This topic describes the process of configuring a Delphix Self-Service (Jet Stream) data template for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS).

By configuring a data template for EBS, you eliminate the need to order operations applied across the EBS datasets.

The ordering of operations is a result of the dataset dependencies discussed in topics under Managing Data Operations of Virtual EBS Instances, such as Refreshing a Virtual EBS Instance.


  1. Create a Delphix Self-Service data template by following the procedure outlined in Understanding Data Templates

  2. For EBS, the data template will have three data sources: the DBTechstack, database, and AppsTier.

  3. Be sure to set the correct sequence of order for the data sources when creating the data template. This ordering will ensure that Delphix Self-Service operations do not violate the EBS dataset dependencies. For order please refer: Sequence of provisioning

  4. Once you have created a Delphix Self-Service data template, you can configure Delphix Self-Service data containers to manage virtual EBS instances. Delphix Self-Service data containers will follow the ordering of data sources configured in the template. All Delphix Self-Service operations should work as expected for virtual EBS instances.

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