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Discovering IBM Db2 installations

Discovery is a process that allows the IBM Db2 connector to gather information about the IBM Db2 installation details in an environment. The database’s discovery occurs during the environment creation or refresh operations.

Whenever there is any modification, such as installing a new database home to an environment, it is necessary to perform an environment refresh operation.

Prerequisites for discovery operation

The following requirements must be met before starting the discovery process.

When you add or refresh an environment to Delphix Continuous Data Engine, the IBM Db2 connector will automatically perform a discovery of all the IBM Db2 installed binaries on the server.

  1. Install the IBM Db2 connector.

  2. The environment user must be able to execute the db2 command. 

  3. Verify environment and host compatibility with Delphix Continuous Data Engine and IBM Db2. For more information on the procedure, refer to the Host Checker documentation.

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