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Linking data sources with encrypted SAP ASE database

This topic describes the behavior of the Delphix Engine when linking to a dSource based on an encrypted SAP ASE database.

Beginning with version 16.0, SAP ASE supports the Database Encryption feature. You can link the encrypted source databases to a dSource by following the basic procedure described in Linking Data Sources with SAP ASE but the user needs to ensure that the same key with the same name is present on the staging instance as it was on the source instance. The keys should be imported from the source instance. Refer to the configuration steps 4 and 5 of Delphix Implementation of Database Encryption to export and import the master and encryption key.

  • If a user links a database when it is unencrypted and then encrypts it, the subsequent syncs will fail.

  • If a user links an encrypted database and then decrypts the source database, the subsequent syncs will fail.

  • If a user changes the encryption key, the subsequent syncs will fail.

In the case of the above failures, the user will be prompted to apply a full backup with the “Drop and Recreate Devices” option enabled (for once), and subsequent snap and validate sync will run without any failures. See Working with Snapshots

Exceptions with suggested actions are raised in the following scenarios:

  • If there has been a change in the encryption status of a source database since it was last synced or the key has changed.

  • If the required encryption key is not present on the staging instance during the linking.

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