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Managing log rotation and log level

Setting maximum size 

MAX_FILE_SIZE_KB - You can set this parameter to customize the maximum size of the active log file in KB. Once this limit is reached, the connector will automatically initiate the log rotation. The default/maximum value of this parameter is set at 10240 KB/10 MB. This parameter accepts only a positive integer value, such as 10240.

Setting the number of log files to retention

NUM_OF_FILES_TO_KEEP - You can set this parameter to customize the retention number for the rotated log files. The default value of the parameter is set to 50, which means that the connector will retain a maximum of 50 rotated log files and each file will be of a size as defined in the MAX_FILE_SIZE_KB parameter. If the number of files exceeds this value, then the old files will be deleted in a First In First Out (FIFO) order.

Setting the log level

LOG_LEVEL - You can define the LOG_LEVEL parameter to set the amount of logs being generated on the remote environment. Accepted values are DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, and ERROR, with INFO being the default value. The DEBUG setting generates the highest amount of logs and ERROR, the least.

For known issues, refer to the Known issues section from the release notes.

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