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MongoDB logging

The MongoDB connector produces three sets of logs during normal runtime. Refer to the list below to understand what they are and how you can access them. 

  1. MongoDB plugin logs

    1. The MongoDB connector is built using the plugin framework. Therefore, it adheres to Delphix Continuous Data Engine’s standard connector logging behavior.

  2. MongoDB Instance logs

    1. MongoDB Instance logs are located at DSOURCE_MOUNT_PATH/logs (for dSource).

    2. MongoDB Instance logs are located at VDB_MOUNT_PATH/logs (for VDB).

    3. Delphix log names are in the dlpx.sNmM.port.mongod.log format, where:

      1. N = 0,1,2,3,… [Shard Number] [Always 0 for any nonsharded implementation]

      2. M = 0,1 OR 2 [Member Number]

      3. port = port number of the MongoDB instance.

  3. mongosync logs 

    1. Only for shardedsource cluster-to-cluster Sync.

    2. MongoSync logs are located at DSOURCE_MOUNT_PATH/.delphix/mongosync/mongosync.log

Most of the MongoDB related errors are always hidden in the logfile for the MongoDB instance. Examine logs under DSOURCE_MOUNT_PATH/logs and VDB_MOUNT_PATH/logs for further investigation.

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