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New features (CockroachDB)


This release supports the following feature/features:

  • Skip Localities Check (optionally)
    With this plugin release, we have introduced a checkbox in the dSource configuration option named "Skip Localities Check" allowing users to bypass the locality check of a cluster before initiating a restore operation.


  • CockroachDB: PoC for auth-implicit feature to restore from AWS S3.

If you are using implicit authentication feature, ensure that AWS credentials are configured on staging host using aws configure command.


  • Record ZFS Storage Calculation Command (CockroachDB).

  • CockroachDB Plugin Security Fixes and Hardening.


  • Cockroach (CRDB) Select Connector Virtualization Plugin.

  • Enabled the NFS restore functionality.


  • First Version of CockroachDB Plugin.

  • CE-27 Cockroach (CRDB) Select Connector Virtualization Plugin

  • Code Structure referenced from Select Connector vSDK framework.

  • Python version 3 compatibility.

  • Improved Code Diagnosability / Readability.

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