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New features (MongoDB)


  • Supported requireTLS tlsMode for the extendedcluster dsource type.

  • Improved debugging capabilities by un-redacting any generic information in engine metadata.


  • Conducted comprehensive UI refactoring to improve user experience, streamline navigation, and enhance overall interface efficiency.

  • Improved MongoDB operations by introducing support for parallel execution of mongodump and mongorestore, significantly speeding up backup and restoration processes.


  • Implemented security enhancements and hardening measures for the MongoDB plugin, ensuring robust protection against vulnerabilities and unauthorized access.

  • Updated the documentation to include a support matrix for Atlas MongoDB dSource types, providing clear guidance on compatibility and configuration options.


  • Introduced Source Sizing for the MongoDB plugin, enhancing the capacity planning and resource allocation process for more efficient database management.

  • Addressed security concerns by concealing the MongoDB instance password in the staging host's ps output, preventing unauthorized access and improving system security.

  • The MongoDB plugin now automatically captures and reports errors directly from MongoDB logs, to help streamline troubleshooting.

  • MongoDB 6 and Cluster-to-Cluster Sync is now supported.

  • MongoDB 6 on RHEL 8 is now supported.


  • A refined version of the CRDB logger has been implemented to enhance data security, which includes generic masking of sensitive information (such as database passwords) preventing them from being displayed in plugin logs in clear text.

  • SDD support has been added.


  • Users can now specify the location of mongodump and mongorestore.

  • Added support to accept a .tar extension of a MongoDB Ops Manager backup file in addition to .tar.gz.

  • MongoDB 5.0.9 is now supported.


  • First release version of the MongoDB connector

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