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Oracle EBS glossary

delphix_os user

This is the low-privilege user for both Appstier & DBTechstack that is referenced in EBS documentation. This user does not have the necessary sudo privileges.

This is the user that is used when the customer doesn’t want to give sudo permissions to a user profile used in Delphix Engine and just wants to give privileges for specific required commands using sudoers entry.

To separate authentication and perform privileged operations with a non-privileged OS account, first, an OS user account (i.e. delphix_os) needs to be created on the EBS DB Tier and AppsTier node to be used as a target. This user is easily created by the script (located in EBS documentation in the section creating delphix_os user).

The primary OS group of the Delphix Continuous Data Engine software owner account (i.e. delphix_os) should be the same as the EBS Database/AppsTier software owner account (i.e. oravis or applmgr).

Primary group = Oracle Install Group (typically oinstall), secondary group = OSDBA Group (typically dba). There are lots of cases where the OS group named dba fills this role, so be sure to check the group membership of the EBS Database and AppsTier software owner account.

Please note, that the non-privileged OS account must have the same group as assigned to EBS Database or AppsTier privileged account (like oravis or applmgr).

Delphix recommends giving the delphix_os user the same primary OS group as the Oracle home owner. This ensures the Delphix engine can fully and automatically discover Oracle homes, databases, and listeners.

Often, this is an OS group named oinstall. However, the oinstall group is not always necessary depending on your Oracle configuration. This user requires access to the library in the toolkit for the child processes triggered by RMAN.


This is the primary user for DBTechstack and DBtier which is referenced in EBS documentation. This user has the necessary sudo privileges.


This is the primary user for Appstier which is referenced in EBS documentation. This user has the necessary sudo privileges.

WLS (Web Logic Server)

In Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), WLS stands for WebLogic Server. In the context of Oracle EBS, WebLogic Server is used as the application server tier, responsible for hosting the web-based components of EBS applications.

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