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Reducing the number of AD logins to the domain controller

Upon completion of the upgrades for both the Delphix Continuous Data Engine and the Delphix connector, the Delphix connector will optimize its functionality to minimize the frequency of logins to the Domain controller. This optimization is achieved by implementing an efficient caching mechanism to store the necessary login tokens per environment user.

To achieve this, the Delphix connector will acquire the needed login token per environment user and store it in a cache for 15 minutes. It will use the same cached login token across multiple requests requiring the same environment user privileges for 15 minutes before acquiring a new login token.

Manually reloading an existing login token for an environment user

This section describes how to reload an existing login token for an environment user manually.


Perform the following steps for manually reloading an existing login token.

  1. Login to the Delphix Management application.

  1. Click Manage.

  2. Select Environments.

  3. In the Environments panel, click the name of an environment to view its attributes.

  4. In the Details tab under Environment Users, select the user for which the token needs to be reloaded.

  5. Click the edit user icon next to the plus icon to edit the user.

  6. Enter the password if the login type is ‘User and Password'.

  7. Click on Validate.

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