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Refreshing and rewinding a TDE-enabled vPDB for Oracle EBS

Reference Refreshing and rewinding a TDE-enabled vpdb

Rewind operation on snapshot

Perform the rewind operation on the snapshot after AppsTier provisioning in the following sequence.

  1. Take a snapshot of the Database VDB after the AppsTier provision.

  2. Stop the AppsTier, DB, and DBTechstack one by one.

  3. Rewind DBTechstack, DB, and AppsTier one by one.

If the DB snapshot was taken before AppsTier provisioning, rewinding the DB will cause a loss of new data updated by AppsTier during provisioning and the next operation of AppsTier rewind will fail. So, to ensure that the Rewind operation of AppsTier succeeds, take a snapshot of DB after AppsTier provision.

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