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Requirements for cockroachDB source databases

The source database requirements are listed below:

  1. Retrieve a comprehensive list of CockroachDB Backup’s subdirectories absolute paths by executing the following command:

SHOW BACKUPS IN 's3://{bucket name}/{path}?AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID={placeholder}&AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY={placeholder}';

SHOW BACKUPS IN 'nodelocal:/self/nfsmount/backups';

The format of the CockroachDB Backup’s subdirectory path follows a date-based naming scheme, specifically <year>/<month>/<day>-<timestamp>..

  1. Before initiating the restoration process on the staging database, make sure to identify the following key information:

  • Storage Bucket Name (AWS S3): Record the name of the storage bucket in AWS S3, including the absolute path where CockroachDB backups are situated in AWS S3.

  • AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID: The account access name or key associated with object storage holding CockroachDB backups, as it serves a crucial role in authentication.

  • AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY: The account secret access key associated with the account name field. This is essentially the password that gives access to CockroachDB backups.

This pertinent information can be extracted from the backup command utilized for backing up the CockroachDB full cluster on AWS S3 storage, exemplified by the following command:


Requirements for CockroachDB staging and target environments

The Staging and Target environments have the same set of requirements for CockroachDB. 

Network and Connectivity Requirements

Ensure that the requirements for Delphix Engine network connectivity are met before proceeding further. 

For CockroachDB connector specific network and connectivity requirements, see the relevant topics below.

Ports for AWS S3 / Disk Backup Ingestion


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