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Requirements for MongoDB source databases

When preparing MongoDB as a source database for Delphix integration, specific requirements must be met to ensure functionality and secure data management. This section delineates the necessary configurations and user roles for different types of MongoDB data sources, including extended clusters, online mongodumps, and sharded sources.

Each source type demands unique user privileges and roles, such as clusterAdmin, changeOwnPasswordRole, and backup, to facilitate effective database operations and synchronization.

  • dSource type: extendedcluster

    • Database requirement: A source DB user with the cluserAdmin and changeOwnPasswordRole roles.

      • CODE
        use admin
        db.createRole({ role: "changeOwnPasswordRole", privileges: [ { resource: { db: "", collection: ""}, actions: [ "changeOwnPassword" ] } ], roles: [] } ) db.createUser({user: "<USERNAME>",pwd: "xxxxxx", roles: ["clusterAdmin","changeOwnPasswordRole"]})
  • dSource type: onlinemongodump

    • Database requirement: A source DB user with the backup role.

      • CODE
        use admin
        db.createUser({user:"<USERNAME>", pwd:"xxxxxx", roles:[{role:"backup", db: "admin"}]})
  • dSource type: shardedsource(cluster-to-cluster sync)

    • Database requirement: A source DB user with the readAnyDatabase, clusterMonitor, and backup roles. Refer to User permissions and Limitations for more.

      • CODE
        use admin
        db.createUser( { user: "<USERNAME>", pwd: "xxxxx", roles: [ {role: "readAnyDatabase", db: "admin"}, {role: "clusterMonitor", db: "admin"}, {role: "backup", db: "admin"} ] } )
  • dSource type: Larger datasets

    • Database requirement: To limit the MongoDB memory utilization at the staging clusters, set the parameter wiredTigerCacheSizeGB, with the appropriate value, in the Set Parameter section of the Add dSource Page.

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