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Rewinding a virtual EBS instance

This topic describes the process of rewinding a virtual Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) instance.

Rewind Rules

To Rewind an EBS Environment, rewind has to be done in the following order for each dataset -

  1. Rewind all tiers: 

    1. Disable/Stop AppsTier VDB

    2. Disable/Stop Database tier VDB

    3. Rewind DBTechStack

    4. Rewind DB tier

    5. Rewind Appstier

  2. Rewind of Database only:

    1. Disable/Stop AppsTier VDB

    2. Rewind DB tier

    3. Rewind Appstier

  3. Rewind of AppsTier needs to be handled with care. Rewinding Appstier should be only done to a snapshot of AppsTier compatible with the database snapshot. It is not recommended to perform only AppsTier rewind.

To find a compatible AppsTier snapshot with Database snapshot - Check the timestamps of AppsTier snapshot & Database snapshot from timeflow UI. AppsTier & database snapshot timing should be close.

Changes applied to EBS and picked up only in some dSource snapshots may make certain combinations of snapshots across the appsTier and dbTier incompatible. When provisioning, refreshing or rewinding a virtual EBS instance, be sure the points in time you select for each dataset are compatible with each other.

Be careful! Services running on the appsTier depend on the availability of services on the dbTier. The steps below are explicitly ordered with these dependencies in mind. Executing steps out of order may lead to errors in accessing the virtual EBS instance.


The appsTier Instance Home Directory of the virtual EBS instance must reside under the specified Mount Path.


  1. Login to the Delphix Management application.

  2. Click Manage.

  3. Select Datasets.

  4. Select the appsTier vFiles for your EBS instance.

  5. Click the Stop icon to shutdown the appsTier services.

  6. Select the VDB utilized by your EBS instance.

  7. Click the Stop icon to shutdown the database.

  8. Select the dbTechStack vFiles hosting your virtual EBS database.

  9. Click the Stop icon to shutdown the database listener.

  10. Rewind the dbTechStack vFiles.

    1. Select a snapshot.

    2. Click the Rewind button.

  11. Rewind the EBS VDB. 

    1. Select a snapshot.

    2. Click the Rewind button.

  12. Rewind the appsTier vFiles. 

    1.  Select a snapshot.

    2. Click the Rewind button.

Once you have rewound all three EBS virtual datasets successfully, your virtual EBS instance should be running and accessible.

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