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Rolling back or rewinding to a timeflow bookmark

Requirements: Know the Timeflow bookmark that you want to use.

  1. Log into the Delphix Engine. 

    ssh admin@<yourengine>
  2. Retrieve database and Timeflow information that you would like to rewind/rollback to.

    delphix > ls
    delphix database > select "dexample"
    delphix database "dexample" > get currentTimeflow
  3. Rollback/Rewind VDB.

    delphix database "dexample" > rollback
    delphix database "dexample" rollback *> ls
    delphix database "dexample" rollback *> set timeflowPointParameters.type=TimeflowPointBookmark
    delphix database "dexample" rollback *> set timeflowPointParameters.bookmark="bookmark example"
    delphix database "dexample" rollback *> commit
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