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Background information

This document assumes that you have some basic Delphix product experience and entry-level programming knowledge. The first two sections of this document, Delphix API Reference URLs and API Prerequisite Knowledge, are focused on providing the required information and reference material/URLs.

This document is for informational and demonstration purposes only. The examples are for demonstration purposes only and must be used at your own risk. As always, test and verify on development systems prior to migrating code to production environments.

What is RESTFul programming?

A great way to learn how to generate the Delphix RESTFul API calls and the required JSON content is to use the Delphix CLI (Command Line Interface) and turn on the trace option.

Delphix5110HWv8>   setopt trace=true 

All subsequent CLI commands will display the GET or POST API URL with the respective input or output JSON data string. This guide will walk you through an example later.

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