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CLI cookbook: disabling user-click analytics

The Delphix User-click Analytics feature is a lightweight method to capture how users interact with Delphix product user interfaces. The goal of capturing this data is to get a better understanding of product usage, engagement, and user behavior, and to use this data to improve Delphix products and customer experience. This feature is enabled by default for customers deploying on or upgrading to this version.  User-click Analytics may also be disabled via the UI.

This procedure will disable user-click analytics on both the Delphix Engine and Delphix Self-Service.

Procedure to disable user-click analytics 

  1. ssh into your engine with a user that has Admin privileges.

    ssh sysadmin@delphix
  2. Go to Services and select the userInterface.

    delphix > cd service
    delphix service > cd userInterface
  3. Update the analyticsEnabled option to false.

    delphix service userInterface > ls
     Type userInterfaceConfig
     analyticsenabled: true
    delphix service userInterface > update
    delphix service userInterface update *> set analyticsEnabled=false
    delphix service userInterface update *> commit

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