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CLI cookbook: rebooting the Delphix engine via CLI

Occasionally, the management stack will hang on the GUI, or routine maintenance will require a reboot of the Delphix Engine. You can do this safely through either the Delphix Setup or CLI. Before performing a reboot, it is important that all your VDBs are shut down and dSources disabled in order to maintain data integrity.


  • Shut down all VDBS

  • Shut down dSources


Complete the following steps to reboot the Delphix Engine via CLI: 

  1. Login to the CLI using the sysadmin username and password.

    ssh sysadmin@yourdelphixengine
  2. Go to system > reboot.

    delphix > system
    delphix system > reboot
  3. Commit the action.

    delphix system reboot *> commit
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