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Registration management

Registering your Delphix Engines is a prerequisite for serviceability from the Delphix Support team. Registration allows Delphix Support to access the engine and properly diagnose and identify any issues during support cases. It is important to manage your registration regularly in order to ensure the security of Support access, as described in the section below.

Registering a Delphix Engine with support is different from registering it with Data Control Tower, formerly Central Management. For more information refer to Data Control Tower

The registration code contains an encrypted key that only Delphix can decrypt, which is unique for each engine. Delphix uses this key to generate one-time authentication codes that authorized Support personnel can use to log into the engine during support sessions.

Retrieving the Delphix engine registration code

To enable Delphix Support, you may perform registration either during the initial setup of the Delphix Engine. If you want to register later, you may retrieve the registration code from the system setup portal.

  1. You can retrieve the Delphix Engine Registration Code during the Initial Setup or later through the Delphix Setup application after logging in as a system administrator.

  2. In the Registration panel, click View.

  3. The Registration Code is displayed in the bottom half of the Registration window.

  4. If your local workstation is connected to the external Internet, you can auto-register the Delphix Engine:

    1. Enter your Delphix Support Username and Support Password.

    2. Click Register. 

  5. If external connectivity is not immediately available, you must register manually.

    1. Copy the Delphix Engine registration code

    2. Log in with your support credentials at

    3. Paste the Registration Code and click Register.

Following registration, you will receive an email confirming the registration of your Delphix Engine

Regenerating the Delphix engine registration code

Delphix recommends that you regenerate the registration code every six months to rotate the secret key in order to maximize the Support Security of the Delphix Engine.


  1. Log into the CLI (command-line interface) of the Delphix Engine with the sysadmin credentials.

  2. Type /registration/regenerate and hit enter.

  3. Type commit and hit enter. After a few seconds, the new code will be displayed.

  4. Re-register the engine with this new code.

Failing to re-register the Delphix Engine after regenerating the registration code may prevent Support personnel from accessing the engine. In such a case, a support session cannot begin until the engine has been re-registered with the new registration code.

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