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Discovering Couchbase installations

The process of environment discovery, also known as environment refresh, is crucial for the Couchbase Connector's ability to identify and detail Couchbase installations within a host. This process is integral during the initial environment setup and is also necessary for keeping the Continuous Data Engine information current post-setup.

  • The initial setup environment discovery ensures all existing Couchbase installations are recognized and properly configured.

  • Subsequent discoveries, or environment refreshes, are required whenever there are modifications to your environment. This includes:

    • Installing new Couchbase database instances.

    • Any other changes that could impact the visibility or configuration of Couchbase installations within the Delphix framework.

Adding a new Couchbase installation

If a new Couchbase installation is added to your environment after the initial setup, a refresh is mandatory to ensure this new instance is accurately represented within the Continuous Data Engine UI.

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