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Oracle staging push-overview


The staging push feature allows you to ingest production data into the Delphix Engine without the need for the Delphix-initiated backups. It uses a staging database instance that can be populated with production data, by restoring your existing backups or by setting it up as a physical standby, using storage provided by the Delphix Engine. Delphix Engine then uses the database files on this storage to take dSource snapshots. Thus, eliminating the need to access the production environment. Since the restore process is not controlled by Delphix Engine, any backup vendor can be used to restore production database backups on the staging database.


Ingesting data from Staging Push dSources consists of the following steps:

The staging database can be populated further with incremental data from the production database to take incremental snapshots. 

  • Staging Database must be in the MOUNT, READ ONLY or READ ONLY WITH APPLY mode for taking a snapshot.

  • Disable or enable operations are allowed only at the CDB level. Disabling a CDB dSource will also disable all the PDB dSources.

  • Detach or attach operations are not allowed on the staging push dSources.

  • Delete operation is allowed for both CDB and PDB dSources. However, since PDBs cannot be unplugged/dropped from an Oracle database in the MOUNT state, you will be responsible for unplugging/dropping the PDB from the CDB. Deleting a CDB dSource will also delete all the PDB dSources.

  • A Non Multi Tenant Staging Push dSource can not be used to ingest a multi-tenant database. For a multi-tenant database, separate Staging Push dSources must be created for CDB and individual PDBs.

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