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Upgrade EBS objects to 6.0

This section focuses on the steps to be taken post-upgrade to Delphix 6.0 release for both EBS 12.1 and EBS 12.2 for all dSources and VDBs present on the Delphix Engine.

Uploading a plugin

After upgrading to the required DE version 6.0.3 or later, if you need to upgrade or install a new plugin, follow the steps mentioned in EBS Plugin Installation.

Post upgrading to or later

EBS 12.2 plugin

This section focuses on the steps taken after upgrading to the Delphix release or later, for all the users who intend to use plugin version 2.0.0 or 2.0.1 for EBS 12.2.

Pre-requisites for the existing users:

To successfully upgrade to Delphix Engine or later with EBS 12.2 plugin version 3.0.0, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • The user must be on or upgrade to the 2.0.0/2.0.1 version before moving to 3.0.0 on the Delphix Engine. Refer to the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) matrix for all the recommended upgrade paths.

  • All datasets on Delphix Engine must be in a disabled state.

Post upgrade steps:

  1. Verify the plugin version under Manage > Plugins section. It should show as 3.0.0.

  2. Refresh all the environments on the Delphix Engine.

  3. Users who intend to use low-privileged user, (for example, "delphix_os") should follow the environment configuration mentioned here and steps 4 and 5 below.

  4. All the EBS dSources and VDB/vFiles should edit the Environment User under the Configuration→Source to "delphix_os".

  5. Users who intend to use low-privileged user, must update the "Privileged OS User" field on the dSource/VDB provision wizard to high privileged user (user who should own the file system).

  6. Enable all the EBS dSources - dbTechStack, Database, and appsTier.

  7. Take new snapshots for all the enabled EBS dSources.

  8. Enable all the EBS VDB/vFiles as per the following sequence: (1) dbTechStack (2) Database (3) appsTier

  9. Under Custom > Configuration tab for dbTechStack vFiles, update the value for the "Target APPS Password" field to the value similar to the "Target APPS Password" field as provided under appsTier vFiles.

  10. Modify the database hooks. Follow the steps under Provisioning a Virtual EBS R12.2 instance to configure the hooks.

  11. Take new snapshots for all the enabled EBS VDB's.

  12. To refresh the VDB's, follow the steps and instructions for Refreshing a virtual EBS instance.

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