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MySQL data sources


The Delphix MySQL virtualization solution consists of the Delphix Continuous Data Engine and the installed MySQL connector. This solution ingests source data using the staging architecture, which copies the production database from the source environment into a staging environment.  The MySQL connector helps capture the persistent storage layer of the staging database, allowing the Delphix Continuous Data Engine to create virtualized copies in target environments.

sql arch.png

The MySQL connector supports both staging pull and staging push for data preparation inside of the staging database.

The following specific ingestion methods are supported:

  1. Staging Pull: This ingestion method enables Delphix Continuous Data Engine to execute the necessary operations to prepare and ingest the data contents from the staging environment’s database. Staging pull supports the following ingestion methods:

    1. Replication with Delphix-Initiated backups (binlog replication)

    2. Replication with externally-initiated backups provided by the user (binlog replication)

In the staging pull mechanism, only binlog Replication is supported.

  1. Staging Push: This ingestion method requires you to customize and execute the necessary operations to prepare the data content in the staging environment’s database. Once ready, Delphix Continuous Data Engine ingests the data contents.


Delphix Continuous Data Engine and the MySQL connector should not be considered a replacement for the backup and recovery of your source instances and databases. Delphix Continuous Data Engine solution is intended to create non-production database copies.


The MySQL connector is a part of the Select Connector for MySQL license agreement. Purchase of this additional license is required for support. For any questions, bugs, or feature requests, contact us via the Delphix Support or the Delphix Community portals.

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