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MySQL Source sizing implementation for dSource

Source sizing is important to understand the overall storage requirements for your Delphix Continuous Data Engine. As more sources are ingested and their sizes grow, additional hardware might be required to maintain a performant engine. This feature, which supports the Managed Source Data report, will help you monitor the size of each ingested source, which is calculated from the dataset’s total, uncompressed, allocated space, and then help you predict storage trends and requirements.

This value is meant to help size your Delphix Continuous Data Engine, and should not be used when reporting Usage-Based Pricing Measurements to Delphix. Follow the Delphix Pricing Guide for more information.


The size of the dataset will be calculated using the data usage (du) command, which returns the volume and apparent size of the dataset.

du -sb <mount_point>/data

The apparent size is displayed in the Managed Source Data report and dSource configuration, as shown below:

source sizing.png

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