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Yugabyte installation and upgrade


  • Install a Delphix Continuous Data Engine of a version compatible with the connector version of choice.

  • Install Yugabyte binaries on source, staging, and target servers.

Downloading the connector

The Connector is provided as a zip file on the Delphix download site. Follow the below steps to download the connector:

  1. In the web browser, go to the Delphix download site.

  2. Log in to the download site using email and password credentials from the Delphix support portal.

  3. Go to: Delphix Product Releases -> Continuous Data Connectors -> Yugabyte -> v<version_number> -> sc_yugabyte_<version_number>.json and download the connector(JSON file). 

Installing the connector

  1. Login to the Delphix Management application.

  2. Click Manage > Plugins.

  3. To upload a plugin, click the plus icon.

  4. This step displays the Upload or Upgrade a Plugin dialog. Upload the <file_name>.json. For example, sc_yugabyte_<version>.json.


For more information, refer to the Continuous Data Engine connector management section.

Upgrading the connector

The procedure to upload a higher version connector is the same as installing a new YugabyteDB connector. For more information, refer to the section “Upload connector to the Continuous Data”.

Instructions to upgrade a connector

  1. Upload the higher version connector. For more information, refer to the Upload/Install connector in the Continuous Data section above. 

  2. Refresh all the corresponding environments.

  3. Ensure connector discovery is completed successfully.

  4. Take a new snapshot of the dSource and VDB.

While updating a connector, disable & enable of datasets is not required. Only refresh of environments is required.

Upgrading the Yugabyte version on the source/staging/target host

If the Yugabyte version at staging or target host is changed, the staging database and target database have to be recreated. 

If the existing staging database or target database is refreshed with upgraded installation, the database might not function properly.

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