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CLI cookbook: detaching and attaching a SAP ASE dSource

This CLI cookbook recipe describes how to Detach and Attach an SAP ASE dSource using the CLI.


A dSource can only be attached to a new data source once it has been unlinked.
When attaching an SAP ASE dSource to a new data source, the new data source must be the same logical database satisfying the following constraints:

  • Same dbid

  • Same dbname

  • Same creation time

You must also make sure that you follow the normal prerequisites for an SAP ASE data source found in SAP ASE Support and Requirements.


Detach a dSource

  1. Login to the CLI as admin or a user with Admin privileges.

  2. Select dSource.

    delphix> database "dexample"
  3. Run the detachSourcecommand, specifying the currently active source. Note: This step can be skipped if the dSource has already been detached through the GUI.

    delphix database "dexample"> detachSourcedelphix database "dexample" detachSource *> set source=dexampledelphix database "dexample" detachSource *> commit

Attach a dSource

  1. Login to the CLI as admin or a user with Admin privileges.

  2. Run the attachSource command.

    delphix database "dexample"> attachSourcedelphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set attachData.config=dexampledelphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set attachData.dbCredentials.password=sybasedelphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set attachData.dbUser=sadelphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set attachData.loadBackupPath=/tmp/backupsdelphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set attachData.sourceHostUser="source_host_environment/sybase"delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set attachData.stagingHostUser="staging_host_environment/sybase"delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set attachData.stagingRepository="staging_ASE_servername_example"delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> lsProperties      type: ASEAttachSourceParameters      attachData:          type: ASEAttachData          config: dexample (*)          dbCredentials:              type: PasswordCredential              password: ******** (*)         dbUser: sa (*)                 dumpCredentials: (unset)         externalFilePath: (unset)          loadBackupPath: /tmp/backups (*)          loadLocation: (unset)         mountBase: (unset)          operations: (unset)          sourceHostUser: source_ASE_servername_example/sybase (*)          stagingHostUser: staging_ASE_servername_example/sybase (*)          stagingPostScript: (unset)          stagingPreScript: (unset)          stagingRepository: staging_ASE_servername_example (*)             validatedSyncMode: ENABLED  delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> commit      ASE_DB_CONTAINER-3      Dispatched job JOB-25      DB_ATTACH_SOURCE job started for "Untitled/dexample".      DB_ATTACH_SOURCE job for "Untitled/dexample" completed successfully.

This command is only necessary if you are using a Remote Backup Server configuration from staging to the source, instead of an NFS mounted shared directory for backups and transaction log dumps:

delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set attachData.loadLocation.backupServerName=source_backupserver_name_example
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