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Procedure for deploying in GCP


This article outlines the procedure for deploying the Delphix Engine using a tar.gz file in Google Cloud Console or in Google Cloud Marketplace. 

Deployment in Google cloud console

  1. Download the latest Delphix Platform for GCP tar.gz file from

  2. Create a GCP storage bucket and upload the tar.gz file from the first step.

  3. Once the upload is complete, navigate to Compute Engine > Images and select Create Image.

  4. In the Create Image dialog, provide the following information.

    1. Image Name

    2. Source: Cloud Storage File

    3. Select the bucket and newly uploaded Delphix File.

    4. Location: Multi-Regional or Regional. (To deploy Delphix in multiple regions - select Multi-Region)

    5. Family: Optional

    6. Description: Optional

    7. Labels: Optional

    8. Encryption: Select based on the organization's policy

    9. Click Create. (Creating the image could take some time)

  5. Once the image creation is complete, select the newly created image and create an instance from it.

  6. Configure the instance creation screen with the following items.

    1. Identify and select the region and zone to run Virtual Databases.

    2. Choose a supported machine type, commensurate with the expected workload.

    3. Change/modify the Boot Disk to SSD Persistent Disk. (Defaults to Standard Persistent Disk)

    4. Add Data Disks (minimum of four recommended) with a total size at least equal to the total source DB sizes. Be sure to utilize SSD Persistent Disks.

    5. Update Networking, commensurate with the Network and Subnet(s) on which the target non-production instances reside. Note, a “target” is an instance running the DB platform identical to the source DBs.

    6. Once all of the necessary instance information has been configured, select Create

    7. Wait for the instance to be created/available and connect to the newly deployed Engine using the assigned IP/hostname via the support web browser.

Deployment in Google cloud marketplace

  1. Login to the Google Cloud Marketplace.

  2. In the Search field, enter Delphix.

  3. Select the Delphix Data Virtualization for GCP (3TB)

  4. Review the information on the initial Marketplace page.

  5. Click Launch.

  6. Review the deployment configuration and software subscription information.

  7. Accept Google Cloud’s and Delphix Corp’s Terms of Service.

  8. Click Deploy, which will start the deployment of the instance.

  9. After the deployment, add equally-sized data disks to the instance.

Configuring the Delphix engine

  1. Connect to the running Delphix instance with a web browser. Use the IP address or DNS name noted in the Instance Description. Upon successful connection, the browser will automatically redirect to the Delphix Setup Page.

  2. Refer to the standard product deployment instructions to complete the Delphix deployment. 

Next Steps

Congratulations! The Delphix Virtualization Engine should be successfully deployed in Google Cloud Platform.

Use Delphix documentation to learn how to:

  •   configure a database source

  •   configure the target environments

  •  configure virtual databases (VDBs)

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