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Asynchronous jobs

This topic describes conditions under which command-line interface operations may spawn jobs that run in the background and using the wait option to wait for job completion.

Not all operations can be performed in the context of a single web service API call. For cases where there is a long-running operation that cannot be executed quickly and transactionally, a job may be dispatched to do the remaining work in the background. For more information on jobs and their semantics, see the topic Viewing action status. Within the CLI, any command can potentially result in an asynchronous operation. The default behavior is to wait for any such job to complete and display its progress in the CLI.

In the event that you do not want to wait for the operation to complete, the global wait option can be set (setopt wait=false). If disabled, the CLI will display the reference to any job that was dispatched, but not wait for it to complete.

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