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Basic troubleshooting


Connectivity issues between environments and engines:

  • SSH connectivity test: To diagnose network connectivity issues, run an SSH connectivity test to the target host. This will validate the communication link and identify any potential network barriers.

  • DSP throughput test: Conduct a DSP (Delphix Session Protocol) throughput test to the target host to ensure efficient data transfer rates and troubleshoot any connection issues.

  • Environment refresh: Periodically, running an environment refresh can resolve detection issues related to installations and databases.

Unable to find installations and databases:

  • If the engine fails to locate installations or databases, confirm network configurations and check for any updates or changes in the environment settings.

  • Review management logs for signs of connectivity issues or environment detection failures. These logs can be accessed via the support bundle.

Delphix Toolkit

Ensure that the Delphix Toolkit is correctly installed and configured as per the environment's requirements. Issues with the toolkit can often lead to broader connectivity or operational problems.

dSource and virtual databases (VDB)

Ingestion issues:

  • Ingestion problems, particularly with connectors like Oracle, MS SQL Server, etc., require a review of connector-specific logs.

  • For AppData or non-Oracle/MS SQL Server/SAP ASE connectors, refer to the specific troubleshooting sections for guidance on managing unique issues.

Log management

Plugin logs:

  • Plugin logs are crucial for diagnosing issues related to environment connectivity, dSource, and virtual databases.

  • These logs are packaged within the standard Support bundle. For detailed information on creating Support bundles, refer to the Support logs page.

    • The support bundle contains logs stored on the Delphix Continuous Data Engine side but does not include target side plugin logs. The location and management of these logs are detailed in the plugin-specific troubleshooting sections.

Locating logs on the engine:

  • Users can find logs directly on the Delphix Continuous Data Engine. Visit the Monitoring and log management documentation section for more information.

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