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Cassandra source config operations

To create a source config and perform updates from the CLI, login to the Delphix Continuous Data Engine using the admin user account.

Syntax - 

Add Source config creation via CLI

Run the following command to add the source config.

Example - 
> sourceconfig create
> set type=AppDataStagedSourceConfig
> set name=testscfg
> set environmentUser="csd-staging/delphix"
> set parameters="{ \
\"cluster_name\":\"Staging\", \
> set repository="csd-staging/'Datastax Cassandra - (version: 6.8.25) [/u02/cassandra/dse-6.8.25/bin/dse]'"
> commit


Run the below command to delete sourceconfig.

Example - 
> sourceconfig
> select testscfg
> delete
> commit
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