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CLI cookbook: running the network test via CLI - latency


The network performance tool measures network performance between a Delphix Engine and an environment host. You must have added an environment in order to use this tool.

This transmission control protocol (TCP) throughput test uses TCP port 50001 by default. The port can also be configured on a per-test-run basis. For the duration of a given throughput test, a server on the receiver will be listening on this port. For a transmit test, the receiver is the remote host; for a receive test, the receiver is the Delphix Engine.


The network latency test measures network round-trip latency by transmitting ICMP echo requests (like the ping utility) and measuring the time to receive replies from the remote host. To execute a test:

  1. Login as a domain user to the Delphix Engine CLI using ssh.

  2. Create a network latency test.

    delphix> network test latency
    delphix network test latency> create
    delphix network test latency create *>
  3. You must set remoteHost to the name of an environment host already configured in the Delphix Engine. (You should press tab after the "=" (equal sign) to auto-populate and confirm registered destinations). Use 'get' to see other optional arguments. Modify the test parameters as needed and commit to start the test.

    delphix network test latency create *> set remoteHost=oracletarget 
    delphix network test latency create *> get
        type: NetworkLatencyTestExecuteParameters
        remoteHost: oracletarget
        requestCount: 20
        requestSize: 8B
    delphix network test latency create *> commit
        Dispatched job JOB-20
        NETWORK_LATENCY_TEST_EXECUTE job started for "oracletarget-2014-06-20T18:57:28.659Z".
        Executing network latency test.
        NETWORK_LATENCY_TEST_EXECUTE job for "oracletarget-2014-06-20T18:57:28.659Z" completed successfully.
  4. The job will be submitted and visible in the Delphix Management application.

  5. Retrieve the test results. All times are in microseconds.

    delphix network test latency> list
    NAME                                   AVERAGE
    oraclesource-2014-06-20T18:57:28.659Z  872
    delphix network test latency> select oraclesource-2014-06-20T18:57:28.659Z
    delphix network test latency "oraclesource-2014-06-20T18:57:28.659Z"> get
        type: NetworkLatencyTest
        name: oraclesource-2014-06-20T18:57:28.659Z
        average: 872
        endTime: 2014-06-20T18:57:48.558Z
        loss: 0
        maximum: 2755
        minimum: 294
        reference: NETWORK_LATENCY_TEST-2
        remoteHost: oraclesource
        requestCount: 20
        requestSize: 8B
        startTime: 2014-06-20T18:57:28.659Z
        stddev: 527

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