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Configure retention on individual snapshots

This section details how to set a custom retention period for individual snapshots, which can supersede the retention policy assigned to the container. For instance, selecting 'forever' ensures the snapshot is not purged by the retention policy.


  1. Login to the Delphix Management application.

  2. Go to Manage > Datasets.

  3. Find and expand the dSource or VDB you wish to modify.

  4. Select the Timeflow tab.

  5. Expand the snapshots section for which you wish to modify the retention time (Note, it may take a moment for individual snapshots to display).

  6. Click on the three dots to expand the sub-menu.

  7. Select Keep for .

  8. In the Keep For dialog, specify the number of days, or select forever.

  9. Click Save to apply the custom retention setting.

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