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Create a custom policy

This section outlines the steps to create custom policies using `cron` expressions for specific database objects or groups.

Initiation: Custom policies are created by modifying an existing policy tied to a database object. This can be done during the object’s initial creation or later through the Policy Management screen. For guidance on creating custom policies for dSources and VDBs during linking and provisioning, refer to the respective topics for each data platform.

Scheduling options: Remember, policies can be set using the Schedule date picker, by specifying an Interval, or by choosing ‘Custom’ to input a Quartz cron expression.


  1. Log in to the Delphix Management application.

  2. Click on Manage.

  3. Choose Policies.

  4. Click on the tab for the object or group you are creating a policy for.

  5. In the relevant tab, click the Add button. For instance, to create a new VDB Snapshot policy:

    1. Go to the VDB snapshot tab.

    2. Click on + VDB snapshot.

  6. Enter a Name for your policy.

  7. Choose a Time Zone (by default, the system time zone is selected if none is specified).

  8. Set a Timeout to determine how long a job should run before being terminated if not completed.

  9. Pick a Schedule for the policy.

  10. Click Next and select the object(s) to which this policy will apply.

  11. Review your settings and click Submit to finalize the policy creation.

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