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Refreshing a target DBTier environment

This topic describes how to properly refresh a target DBTier environment hosting an EBS VDB.

When an environment is initially registered with the Delphix Engine, a discovery process is responsible for registering resources such as Oracle Homes, listeners, and databases. When an environment is modified – for example, when an Oracle Home is upgraded or removed – you must run the discovery process again in order to register new resources and unregister removed ones.

The virtual DBTechStack plays a unique role in the Delphix Engine because it acts both as a virtual dataset AND a discovered resource on the target DBTier environment. Because of this unique role, you must mount and start this dataset (hosting the EBS database listener) before you refresh the target DBTier environment.

If you unmount or stop the virtual DBTechStack, the discovery process will assume that the EBS Oracle Home and database listener have been removed from the environment. Further interactions with the EBS VDB will result in an error because neither the database listener nor Oracle Home appears available to the database.


  1. Prior to refreshing a target DBTier environment, ensure that the virtual DBTechStack is both enabled and started. For more information, see Enabling and Disabling a Virtual EBS Instance and Starting and Stopping a Virtual EBS Instance.

  2. Refresh the target DBTier environment.

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