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Software updates

Keeping Software up to date is an important part of any hardening plan. Delphix software releases are cumulative and include bug fixes, new features, and security improvements. In addition, Delphix releases hotfixes, procedures, and workarounds for critical vulnerabilities.

Patch annually

To stay up to date, patch your Delphix Engine at least once per year. If you do not, you might have to upgrade twice to get the latest releases, and your old installed version will not be able to receive vulnerability fixes.

If possible, patch more frequently. Depending on the version you are upgrading from/to, you may be able to avoid or defer the reboot sequence, which defers downtime for your virtual databases (VDBs). This allows you to patch outside of downtime windows.

Subscribe to Delphix notifications

Delphix issues email notifications when critical vulnerabilities are discovered. Registered support accounts will automatically receive these notifications. To ensure that you receive these notifications:

  • Register at least two Engine Admins with Delphix Support

  • Add Delphix Support accounts when Engine Admins leave the company

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