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Taking Oracle staging push dSource snapshots

Taking a Snapshot

On initiating a sync, Delphix Engine checks the staging server for the database of the given name and if a match is found, it then takes a snapshot of its data files. Before and after taking the snapshot, Delphix Engine runs a few validations to check the readiness and consistency of the database for the snapshot.

Below are the checks performed by Delphix Engine during snapshot operation:

  • The staging database is in the MOUNT, READ ONLY or READ ONLY WITH APPLY mode

  • All data files are present on the Delphix Engine mounted storage

  • For a non-standby staging database, checkpoint SCN of all online datafiles is the same

  • The database must be recovered and no data files must be in FUZZY state

  • Checkpoint SCN must have advanced since the last snapshot was taken

  • Checkpoint SCN has not advanced during the snapshot operation

CDB dSource snapshots cannot be taken manually. A PDB dSource snapshot operation takes a CDB dSource snapshot first before taking a PDB snapshot. 

Taking an incremental snapshot

The staging database can be populated further by:

  • Restoring incremental backups 

  • Through ongoing managed recovery in case of Physical Standby databases

After the staging database is populated with incremental changes, a snapshot operation will take an incremental snapshot of the dSource.

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