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Understanding how to manage data template details

The data template details page

In the Overview page, under the Templates, click the data template's name. This will direct you to the templates details page. You can use this page to view and configure details of an individual data template. It consists of a number of tiles, described below.


Use this tile to get an overview of the data template and its child data containers.

Summary details for templates


  • The graphs labeled Operation Counts By Week and Container Data Age Distribution give a sense of the amount of activity in the data template over time

  • Top Checkouts shows at a glance which bookmarks have been used most frequently as part of a Restore or Branch operation

  • Top Users by Data Operations shows at a glance which users are the most active


Use this tile to create, view, and delete child data containers from this data template.

Container details 


In this tile, you can view the data sources that this data template uses. Each data source has a user-visible name, a description, and a set of properties that consist of arbitrary key/value pairs. This information will be included in the data containers provisioned from this template.

Source details


Use this tile to edit the data template's properties. Properties are arbitrary key/value pairs associated with the data template. These values will be propagated to all data containers provisioned from this template. This provides a way for you to annotate data templates and data containers with whatever information is relevant to their use case.

Properties details


Use this tile to create and manage bookmarks on the data template. A bookmark represents a given point in time that is protected against retention. Bookmarks created on a data template are visible to all of the data containers provisioned from it. For more details, refer to the Bookmarks section in the Delphix Self-Service Data User Guide.

Bookmark details


Use this tile to get information about the storage associated with the data template and its child containers.

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