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Reviewing historical capacity from the CLI

You can retrieve historical capacity data through the Delphix Command Line Interface (CLI).

If your Delphix Engine is a new engine you would log in as Engine Admin and ssh admin@your engine. Engines created before 5.3.1 and upgraded to 5.3.1 or later will retain their old username 'delphix_admin'. To avoid complications Delphix recommends creating users with an admin role and then disabling delphix_admin.


  1. Log in as Delphix Admin (or an account with admin privileges)
    ssh delphix_admin@yourengine

  2. Navigate to capacity system historical
    delphix > capacity system historical

  3. Then you can list a start and end date for the utilization
    delphix capacity system historical > list startDate=<time> endDate=<time>

For example, looking at the system space utilization, we can show 8 hours starting Sep 1 with the following:

We can also set the output detail level to different granularity, which is based on seconds.

delphix> capacity
delphix capacity> system
delphix capacity system> historical
delphix capacity system historical> list startDate=2016-09-01T00:00:00.000Z endDate=2016-09-01T08:00:00.000Z
2016-09-01T00:25:11.359Z 5.05TB 9.58TB
2016-09-01T00:55:28.869Z 5.06TB 9.44TB
2016-09-01T01:25:42.940Z 5.06TB 9.46TB
2016-09-01T01:56:14.585Z 5.06TB 9.38TB
2016-09-01T02:26:50.893Z 5.06TB 9.38TB
2016-09-01T02:57:15.987Z 5.06TB 9.32TB
2016-09-01T03:27:35.381Z 5.06TB 9.34TB
2016-09-01T03:57:54.657Z 5.06TB 9.35TB
2016-09-01T04:28:12.099Z 5.06TB 9.35TB
2016-09-01T04:58:22.028Z 5.06TB 9.35TB
2016-09-01T05:28:33.680Z 5.06TB 9.34TB
2016-09-01T05:58:46.666Z 5.06TB 9.27TB
2016-09-01T06:28:57.181Z 5.06TB 9.21TB
2016-09-01T06:59:39.567Z 5.06TB 9.21TB
2016-09-01T07:30:03.527Z 5.06TB 9.20TB
2016-09-01T07:50:18.548Z 5.06TB 9.20TB

The following example will show the data for each day (86400 seconds) from Sep 1 to Oct 1:

delphix capacity system historical> list startDate=2016-09-01T00:00:00.000Z endDate=2016-10-01T08:00:00.000Z resolution=86400
2016-09-01T00:25:11.359Z 5.05TB 9.58TB
2016-09-02T00:34:16.844Z 5.03TB 8.45TB
2016-09-03T00:37:50.372Z 5.10TB 8.30TB
2016-09-04T00:32:22.877Z 4.68TB 8.79TB
2016-09-05T00:34:37.715Z 4.64TB 8.56TB
2016-09-06T00:37:27.480Z 4.65TB 8.44TB
2016-09-07T00:31:17.808Z 4.70TB 8.60TB
2016-09-08T00:33:34.219Z 4.74TB 8.70TB
2016-09-09T00:43:40.760Z 4.81TB 8.57TB
2016-09-10T00:48:27.222Z 5.14TB 8.95TB
2016-09-11T00:50:41.843Z 4.90TB 8.72TB
2016-09-12T00:50:33.215Z 4.92TB 8.82TB
2016-09-13T00:48:06.350Z 4.93TB 8.72TB
2016-09-14T00:42:36.904Z 5.34TB 8.79TB
2016-09-15T00:48:58.580Z 0B 0B
2016-09-16T00:43:12.565Z 5.64TB 9.23TB
2016-09-16T21:46:06.333Z 5.74TB 9.29TB
2016-09-18T19:41:29.692Z 5.74TB 9.29TB
2016-09-19T19:38:35.268Z 5.47TB 7.94TB
2016-09-20T19:39:07.809Z 5.57TB 8.50TB
2016-09-21T19:42:32.602Z 5.64TB 9.04TB
2016-09-22T19:37:53.507Z 5.82TB 8.77TB
2016-09-23T19:37:43.373Z 5.88TB 8.96TB
2016-09-24T19:29:40.625Z 5.78TB 9.03TB
2016-09-25T19:32:30.592Z 5.80TB 8.91TB
2016-09-26T19:26:43.971Z 5.81TB 8.86TB
2016-09-27T19:33:26.939Z 5.87TB 9.44TB
2016-09-28T19:33:01.483Z 5.94TB 9.44TB
2016-09-29T19:43:55.451Z 6.15TB 9.08TB
2016-09-30T19:37:38.462Z 6.19TB 9.72TB
2016-10-01T07:35:53.644Z 5.87TB 8.98TB

The following query will show the data for each week (604800 seconds), for a few months:

delphix capacity system historical> list startDate=2016-06-01T00:00:00.000Z endDate=2016-10-01T08:00:00.000Z resolution=604800
2016-06-01T00:16:19.391Z 3.36TB 5.96TB
2016-06-08T00:16:04.620Z 2.79TB 6.11TB
2016-06-15T00:16:35.471Z 2.95TB 4.84TB
2016-06-22T00:22:57.619Z 0B 0B
2016-06-29T00:28:48.350Z 3.38TB 6.53TB
2016-07-06T00:38:20.643Z 3.38TB 7.33TB
2016-07-13T00:36:38.876Z 3.30TB 8.05TB
2016-07-20T00:50:24.318Z 3.33TB 8.95TB
2016-07-27T00:49:06.488Z 3.36TB 9.28TB
2016-08-03T01:03:59.577Z 3.59TB 9.25TB
2016-08-10T01:12:21.949Z 3.81TB 8.80TB
2016-08-17T01:20:44.878Z 4.08TB 9.89TB
2016-08-24T01:21:01.080Z 4.23TB 9.00TB
2016-08-31T01:29:51.907Z 4.45TB 9.48TB
2016-09-07T01:31:56.383Z 4.70TB 8.67TB
2016-09-14T01:43:21.456Z 5.34TB 8.87TB
2016-09-21T01:42:34.318Z 5.58TB 8.84TB
2016-09-28T01:28:10.313Z 5.88TB 9.47TB
2016-10-01T07:35:53.644Z 5.87TB 8.98TB

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