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SAP HANA data sources


The Delphix SAP HANA virtualization solution consists of the Delphix Continuous Data Engine and the SAP HANA connector which is uploaded and installed into the engine. Together, this solution ingests an SAP HANA dataset using the staging architecture and provisions test data copies to lower environments. The process commonly begins with a production or other notable tenant database copy that the Delphix Continuous Data Engine ingests using a separate SAP HANA instance called staging. The dataset is captured in the Delphix Storage persistent storage layer which allows the engine to create optimized, virtualized tenant database copies in lower SAP HANA instances called targets. These lower instances are equivalent to traditional SAP HANA testing instances. However, when compared to traditional SAP methods, Delphix’s solution offers greater data control and cleaner data delivery for application and testing teams.

Typically, in an SAP HANA and Delphix deployment, an existing test database, such as QA, is used as the temporary staging environment for data ingestion. Once completed, this SAP HANA instance is re-purposed as a lower test environment, like Sandbox, DEV, and Test, to virtualize new data sets.

The below picture presents a sample solution architecture.


The SAP HANA connector supports both Staging Pull and Staging Push for data ingestion.
The following specific ingestion methods are supported: 

  1. Staging Pull: This ingestion method allows Delphix to execute the necessary operations to prepare the data content in the Staging Environment. Staging pull supports the following  ingestion methods: 

    1. Externally-initiated backup – Data backups and log backups are supported 

  2. Staging Push: This ingestion method allows the user to choose and tailor the specific operations and processes to prepare the data content in the Staging Environment. This also includes the use of third-party backup solutions that may already be in place. 


License for the SAP HANA connector is included with the standard Delphix License Agreement, and the solution is backed by Delphix Technical Support. For any questions, bugs, or feature requests, contact us via the Delphix Support or the Delphix Community portals

This section covers the following topics:

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